We're happy to be sharing with you today a tasty slice of funk-infused pop, courtesy of NYC-based musician and singer Alissia Benvenieste - aka Alissia. Originally born in Geneva, Switzerland, Benevieste was well acquainted with funk from a young age, and rose to fame via YouTube clips of her performances - like the one at the end of this post.

"I simply love the way it makes you feel," she tells The 405 via email. "No matter where you're from, how old you are or what you musical tastes are, instantly it brings positivity and makes you want to get up and dance!"

She added: "My goal is to bring this feeling back, with a modern pop touch, to today's music industry!"

'Take Off', the song by Alissia, is indeed a cavalcade of feel-good funk vibes, from the glistening jitter of the synth chords and the brass blares to the acrobatic bass that cartwheels throughout the track. The bass guitar is played by Benevieste herself, who started playing the instrument "casually" about four years ago; in fact, she tells us, the song 'Take Off' was based around the bassline to begin with. "I always loved hearing and analyzing bass lines but when I played it - it clicked!" she explains. "I started playing a 5 string because I couldn't play certain notes on a 4-string that I knew made such an impact to the feel of the music."

Listen to undeniable funk of 'Take Off' below.