According to a report by national regulation authority OFCOM and the UK Intellectual Property Office, the instances of illegal music downloading in the UK has fallen by up to a third over the past year. You can see the full report here, which also looks at consumer consumption of gaming, movies, TV content and books.

The report claims that approximately 301 million tracks were pirated in March 2012, whereas in contrast this year only 199 million were illegitimately acquired in March.

OFCOM are attributing this fall in music piracy to the growing popularity of free and easily-accessible, widely-available music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Soundcloud. What's more encouraging is that studies have shown that a new generation of music lovers are tending to turn away from illegal downloading in favour of legal streams and purchasing the music they listen to.

One in six people included in the study did admit to regularly pirating music within the past twelve months however, with a stunning 2% of all the top illegal downloaders accounting for almost three-quarters of all file sharing worldwide.

Has legal streaming changed the way you consume music? We want to know!

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