Alexander Shields has been releasing music under his A Grave With No Name moniker for a good while now, but doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. He has announced that he will release his sixth album Passover on January 19th through Forged Artifacts.

For this album Shields found a particularly poignant source of inspiration in the death of his grandmother, and he proceeded to write the whole of Passover in the family home where he grew up living alongside her. The album is said to be a collection of stories inspired by the emotions this brought up. This can certainly be heard in the spare and atmospheric lead single 'Wreath'.

Shields says of the song, "‘Wreath’ is exploration of the relationship between humanity and the land which we inhabit. Whereas nature once provided mankind with a source of spirituality, education and sustenance, it has now been tamed, despoiled and commodified, and is used to justify the waging of wars, prejudice, and greed. The song asks for a moral awakening, and a return to a simpler, more considered way of living."

Listen to 'Wreath' below.

A Grave With No Name has announced a couple of dates in support of Passover in January. He'll play Olympic Cafe in Paris on 23rd January and The Waiting Room in London on 25th January.

Passover track list:

01. Supper
02. By The Water's Edge
03. Path
04. Wreath
05. Hunter
06. Blunt Knives
07. (Interlude)
08. Pottery & Porcelain
09. When I Pass Through Here
10. Kitchen
11. Canary
12. Hot Blood
13. Wren