For the better part of seven years, London native Alexander Shields - better known by his lengthy stage moniker A Grave With No Name has been crafting a spattering of interpersonal records. Now, with a reformed ideal in mind, Shields returns again with his newest release Wooden Mask.

Featured on the new album is 'Wedding Dress', a slow-burning acoustic driven track that feels as dark as it does calculatingly light. On the song, Shields says, "'Wedding Dress' is a funeral dance through the barrens of mud and memory."

For the album itself, he writes, "Whereas my previous albums have been preoccupied with loss, Wooden Mask is a meditation on renewal, using ritual and ceremony as a means to explore this theme."

Along with the release and album details Shields also announced his impending August 18th performance at the Servant Jazz Quarters in his hometown of London.

Listen to 'Wedding Dress' below. Wooden Mask is set for release August 12th on Forged Artifacts.