Did you know that we've teamed up with music discovery service/platform Tradiio for a stage at London's finest festival, Field Day? If you didn't know, well, at least you know now.

How does it work? All artists signing up to Tradiio were in the running to be picked to perform on the Tradiio stage at Field Day.

Who are these artists? What do they sound like? These questions (and more?) will be answered to some degree below in our handy little guide.

Hip hop artist Antix has been turning heads since he released his first album, Flammable Grammar, back in 2010, which caught the attention of Pandora Radio in the US – particularly the track 'Hands Up' – and was on regular rotation. He's most recently graced the music world with his upbeat track 'Come Home'.

Cholombian is a London-based producer. He makes often quite soothing music that is awash with mind-assuaging ambience and rich textures and understated, hypnotic beats.

Championed by the likes of Annie Mac (on her Free Music Mondays) and i-D Magazine, for whom he made a mix, Luka is a producer who makes music filled with space, soaked in reverb, powered by delectable beats and watercolour sounds.

Matthew And Me
With just one song uploaded to SoundCloud, Matthew And Me is a band from the small town of Totnes in Devon, UK. Their music is expansive and epic, considered and dynamic, as you'll hear from 'Patterns' below, which grows with wonderful organicity as it progresses.

Ever since his/their Home & Consonance EP we've been fans of Tropics. It's the brainchild of Chris Ward, and becomes a band for live shows. The music is a classy soul-infused polyrhythmic guitar-drums-bass-type sound and it's beautiful.

Wild Echo
London band Wild Echo have a varied sound: their songs move from intense and explosive, to delicately chilled, to jangly and dream pop-flavoured, and it's all done well. Why stick to one thing? Here's something of the more intense variety.

Chanting baritone vocals, soaring soundscapes and lots of distorted guitar give another London-based band, Yossarian (who've been praised in Time Out), a decidedly alternative rock feel – think strings, emotive, mature, passion. You'll see what we mean with their track 'Arrow Part 1'.

Read our interview with the duo by heading here.

Field Day Festival takes place Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June — grab tickets here.