Jack Hayter's new 'Sisters of St. Anthony' singles series continues with the temptingly titled 'Farewell Jezebel'. For this ramshackle folkabilly number, Jack reunites with his former Hefner bandmates Darren Hayman and Antony Harding. In keeping with the theme of the patron saint of lost things, this entry calls to mind those we love, loathe and lose—and the things we dare not say about them. You'll laugh, you'll cry. And so on.

Farewell Jezebel

Ah... the difficult second blog. A rather obvious tale about death...I don't write impenetrable words. I can't be bothered to do so in the limited time which I have for song writing and recording music. If I had a record label paying me advances I could come over all abstract, but I need to tell these simple stories first. I get up at 6.45am and do a job ...actually one which I like a lot, and then I come home and generally have an hour or perhaps two between eating, walking the Barney and bedtime to do this thing which I'd love to do full time. When I retire I will be able to do rock and roll properly...I always wanted to be Ivor Cutler anyway. I'm sure Audio Antihero will buy me a harmonium and that particular type of hat, the name of which escapes me.

We all die and most of us don't live our lives with that in mind. This song was written a couple of years ago after a phone conversation with a nice old lady who was about to have a serious operation. She knew she had about a sixty percent chance of not waking up...and, sadly, that's exactly what happened.

She said, "Why don't you write me an epitaph. I haven't always been nice you know. I suppose I was a bit of a Jezebel."

Of course I said "Don't jump the gun" but I did write Farewell Jezebel after the funeral and before her ashes were scattered. Most of it is true and about her, and some of it isn't. It's really about the memories which people aim to deny as they come to believe that the adventures of their past are best hidden from their peers and their grandchildren.

Have you ever wondered why a few years ago the car boot sales of Sidcup were full of elderly couples selling their Polaroid cameras? Well my friend who does house clearances around here finds the pictures...they're always there... behind cupboards, under floorboards, up in the loft...and not always the snaps...often love letters, sometimes rather bad poems, odd bits of deteriorating BDSM gear and lingerie. Those wilfully lost accoutrements of love don't stay hidden forever...and Im glad.

Of course the Facebook generation will find that kind of self imposed hagiography even harder. It's all up there folks...all of it...forever.

  • "When my grave is broken up again
  • Some second guest to entertain
  • (For graves have learned that woman-head
  • To be to more than one a bed),
  • And he that digs it, spies
  • A bracelet of bright hair about the bone,
  • Will he not let'us alone,
  • And think that there a loving couple lies"

Hah! Now you know exactly who I nicked the idea for this song from… more about him next month.

Oh Bugger! I forgot to mention the famous people again.

Jack Hayter May 2012

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