It's official, the curse has been lifted and Kevin Durant has been freed from its undeniable wrath. The basketball world was in a frenzy on Independence Day when it was announced that Durant was leaving Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors, (the team who ousted them during the playoffs this year and the champions representing rapper, motivational speaker and sports guru, Lil B's hometown.) For some sports fans, the swap felt like an ultimate betrayal - see Vince Staples - but all seemed right in the world when Lil B took the opportunity to make peace by lifting his BasedGod Curse, freeing Kevin Durant from its confines after five long years.

For those unaware, the Based God Curse is the most revered karmic energy sifting through the sports world, assigning accountability to players who disrespect the Bay area rapper in any capacity. It was Kevin Durant who kickstarted the bad energy when he took to Twitter to diss the artist, calling his music "wack" back in 2011.

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But Lil B, (aka Brandon McCartney,) harnessed his powers and on May 26 2011, he cursed the forward player publicly with the unstoppable force now known as the Based God curse - an unfathomable power that may just be one of our generations greatest mysteries.

And since then, Durant hasn't won.

As if negative energy and a giant stain on his career wasn't enough, Lil B also released a Kevin Durant diss track which relies on the articulate hook 'Fuck Kevin Durant' to really propel the song's level of greatness.

But Durant wasn't the only one paying for his lack of respect. Lil B also had some serious words for James Harden (and most of the Cleveland Cavaliers,) for attempting to take credit for something he's certain he originated. When Harden and co. gained notoriety for their "cooking dance" celebration, Lil B took to twitter to warn them of his powers and that they could face the same fate as Durant.

When NBA fans began to realize that Lil B may not be the internet's biggest troll but rather a gifted rap wizard instead, other teams began to save themselves from the Based God's wrath.

But now, after five strenuous years and title losses, Lil B has lifted his curse against Kevin Durant following his move from the Thunder to the Warriors. In an interview with CBS Sports, he even went as far as explaining that he'd "seen Durant's heart and earnestness and said it was only right for the curse to be lifted." Thank you Based God.