What do Tupac, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez and Elvis Presley all have in common? Besides the obvious… The answer is holograms, as the man with the worlds most famous pelvis is the latest deceased legend to have archive footage transformed into holographic images in the name of nostalgic entertainment.

Digital Domain Media Group, the company behind the Tupac images featured in Snoop Dogg and Dre’s Coachella performance earlier this year have teamed up with Core Media Group, the people behind American idol to work on this latest project however neither company are yet to confirm when or where we’ll get to see Elvis as a hologram but they have revealed they are planning for the image to be used in film and/or TV.

I guess the question this raises is will this new technology be exploited now, if it makes money then it would be safe to imagine we’ll see a lot more of it, imagine paying to see Nirvana’s performance at Reading recreated at the O2 Arena or see a vintage Beatles performance at The Cavern Club?

Who or what performance would you most like to see recreated into a hologram or would you prefer to leave the past where it is?