In the realm of mysterious music artists, few are held in higher regard the frustratingly elusive Jai Paul. Even his "album" last year was illegally uploaded, according to XL Recordings. But material from Jai is so fleeting that outlets virtually ignored the accused wrongdoing and considered it one of the better albums of 2013.

So while the wait for official, legally, released work from Jai is still in the wait (although maybe not too long), his brother has popped up with his own work.

Although A.K. Paul previously worked alongside his brother as a multi-instrumentalist collaborator, his spot on Nao's 'So Good' is his first official track attached to his name. It's also the first featuring his own vocal contributions, but the production itself has an absolute vibe of his more well-known brother.

It's the second official single from Nao, an East London native. Stream it below.