In the third of our features on the leaf label, we're delighted to publish this massive 56-song playlist spanning the 20-year history of the label that is punnily called: A Leaf History Of Time. We've pulled ten of our favourites from YouTube so that those of you that don't use Spotify don't feel left out. To see The Leaf Label's anniversary releases and mahoosive box set, click here.

'Step Aside' - Efterklang

'Birdcatcher's Return' - Boom Bip and Doseone

'Mir' - Murcof

'Opposite Corners' - 310

'Transportation' - Julia Kent

'Helplessly Young' - Oh no ono

'Calling All Workers' - Roll The Dice

'The Offbeat' - Wildbirds and Peacedrums

'Don't Let That Feeling Go' - Polar Bear

'Neon Baby' - The Comet Is Coming

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