Hailing from deepest, darkest Glasgow, Dananananaykroyd have quickly established themselves as one of the brightest new bands of the last few years. Self-describing their sound as ‘fight-pop’ (and who could argue?), their energetic and chaotic live-shows have earned them a reputation as being one of the UK’s most genuinely thrilling live bands. Between recording a second album - just released - and starting up their own record label, there’s a lot going on for Dananananaykroyd. Messrs Callum Gunn and Paul Carlin took some time before their sold out Hoxton Square gig to talk to us.

So, you’ve recently started your own record label – Pizza College. What pushed you in that direction?

Paul Carlin [drummer] - We wanted to have a bit more control over our music and how it’s put out into the universe. The best way to do that was to form a label with our management – which we did. Pizza College was the obvious name!

Callum Gunn [singer] - When you think Record Label you think; Pizza College!

PC - Being on a label had its advantages, but you do lose a lot of control and a lot of money. And we’re quite a fastidious band with certain things, so this meant a certain sense.

[As it stands, the band are unsure whether to sign any projects to their new label, but they reveal that they are toying with the idea of side-projects and a few split 7-inches with other bands. At the moment, however, they are just trying to focus on themselves.]

What can you tell us about the recording of your second album, under the Pizza College label?

PC - It was amazing. Really intense. We didn’t know how we were going to release it, and Ross Robinson who produced our record was all about us just being in the moment recording the record. Nothing else, what happens before or what happens after recording the record doesn’t matter, and in a way that’s great, as we were able to just switch off and just rock.

CG - It’s really hard to do that sometimes, when you’re on tour and stuff, you’re always thinking of things other than playing music, you need to get in the mindset that none of the other bullshit matters.

PC - Because it is bullshit! Record labels, and the stuff that goes on in the music industry, is bullshit. It’s a load of old crap.

CG - But the music’s brilliant!

Your new album has been released in a large bundle, including a tote-bag, t-shirts and even a USB stick. How did that idea come about?

PC - The management forced us to come up with an idea.

CG - It was the best idea Ryan ever had; He wanted to put some files on the USB sticks! Drivers for a Logitech webcam and the demos for [early EP] ‘Sissy Hits’! But we realised we’d have to manually do it ourselves, take every USB stick and manually plug it into our laptops and any kind of effort like that, and we’re like “nah”. And a Tote bag, everyone needs a tote bag!

Now that the album is out, what do Dananananaykroyd plan to do next?

PC - We’re going to Australia at the end of July. Our 2nd time there. We’re very, very excited to go back. Australia was very, very nice to us last time, and although some bad stuff happened with John’s arm [jumping off stage, he broke his arm and need emergency surgery], we’ve kind of forgiven the universe for that, and we’re ready to go back.

PC – Yeah, the ‘Y Not’ festival! We don’t know what it is, we don’t even care what it is, but we’ve been wanting to play this festival since the bands been alive.

CG - We had to cancel it once ‘cos of John’s arm. But the name of it is incredible.

PC - Why not play a festival? Why not! Why not cancel it, if your singer breaks his arm. Why not?

CG – Why not play 50 songs? Why not? Who cares about the other bands? They’re probably like - why not? Why not not play? Why not?

Are there any other bands you’re looking forward to playing with?

PC - Yeah, we’re playing with Fucked Up at Leeds - and Best Coast! I love Fucked Up, I’ve seen them about 50 million times, and they’re incredible, so I’m really excited for that.

Are you familiar with Dan Akroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka?

PC - Yeah, of course.

CG - That’s crazy shit.

PC - No one has ever bought us a bottle, I’m quite surprised.

CG – I think ours would be a dark rum.

PC - It would be Ryan, our bassist. He has the biggest head! His skull is ginormous. So you can fit more rum in it! So it would be a dark rum, Ryan McGuinness Crystal Head. It comes with a USB and a Tote bag!

We all had a narrow escape with the rapture recently, but how do you guys think the world will end?

PC - Dogs will invent the power to shoot croutons out of their eyes, and we’ll all develop a bread intolerance. Because we’ll be so scared all the time, we’ll be walking around with our mouths open like AHHHHH. Dogs shoot croutons into our mouths, bread intolerance, heart stops. Instant death. And we’ll all be ruled by dogs.

CG – It’s like the end of the sopranos. That’s what that was, wasn’t it? When Tony Soprano gets a crouton in his mouth?

PC - The good thing is that the world would then be ruled by dogs, which I think would be better than what is happening right now.

You plan to cover Fugazi’s ‘Arpeggiator’ at tonight’s show. Any reason why you chose them?

PC - They’re definitely – well, for most of the band; definitely the older members of the band – a huge influence. We’re enormous Fugazi fans. We were just farting around in rehearsal one day, and Ryan actually demanded that we learn it, and he forced the issue and we learned it and it was great fun! So we’re gonna play it tonight!