Mogwai's third album Atomic will be available on April 1 on their Rock Action label in the UK and Temporary Residence in the US. The reworked soundtrack was originally written to accompany Mark Cousins’ documentary Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise - constructed entirely from archive film and covering the horrors of the Cold War, Chernobyl and Fukushimawhi - which first aired on BBC Four last summer.

"The Atomic soundtrack is one of the most intense and fulfilling projects we've taken on as a band. Ever since we went to Hiroshima to play and visited the peace park this has been a subject very close to us. The end results, both the film score and the record are pieces I'm extremely proud of," Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite says.

The news also comes with the release of Mogwai's first single, U-235.

  • Atomic tracklist
  • 1. Ether
  • 2. SCRAM
  • 3. Bitterness Centrifuge
  • 4. U-235
  • 5. Pripyat
  • 6. Weak Force
  • 7. Little Boy
  • 8. Are You A Dancer?
  • 9. Tzar
  • 10. Fat Man