Shuffling inferiorly through the butter-wouldn't-melt comic book characters in Vice Magazine owned pub 'The Old Blue Last', my companion and I become giggling school girls when we recognise Jungle's 'T' from the previous gig in Sheffield. Despite my Stan-level infatuation with the man, the only thing I could muster was "Hey dude, thanks for the interview, is there any support tonight?"

There is. I only realise the fairly insulting nature of my questioning much later on, but who could care, Idris "Eyedress" Vicuña had flown over from the flipping Philippines and I need to meet him. So we race over to the venue extra early in search of a petite, precocious, prodigy liable to sport a skeleton mask and throttle us (if the 'Nature Trips' video is anything to go by). Luckily he was right by the gates.

A truly intriguing artist, it turns out he has filmed, directed and scored an entire skate movie (which is fantastic), currently lives with journalists from the Guardian and Noisey and knows some "really gangster" individuals in Manila who can make people disappear, or so to speak. You can almost see the ambition and creativity radiating through his eye sockets when speaking on former cohorts who couldn't match his creativity or drive, forcing him to quit bands and go it alone. He has a calm demeanour, instantly putting one at ease, so it's understandable that when the conversation swings to life in London the satisfaction levels are evidently low. "People are hella cold out here, they'd never bail you out - in Manila it's really warm, you can call up your family or friends and they'll bail you out straight away."

I can only hope he's not referring to some of the heinous crimes committed in that video. However in all seriousness you've got to feel for a guy who's experiencing East London's aloof elite for the first time. Later when trying to get backstage the bouncer wouldn't even believe he was performing, so after a short spat he jumped the barriers before ducking behind a stage door - the dude is a true rapscallion.

When performing he seemed a little worse for wear, but 100% up for putting on a show. San Miguel in hand and mumbling into the effect-heavy mic, Idris informs the crowd, "Hey guys I'm Jungle, up next is Eyedress." It's evident by several gasps among the poser-heavy crowd that many of the "Jungle fans" are in a state of shock. Going on to play a handful of tracks from the excellent and fittingly titled SupernaturalEP', he regularly jumps off stage and creeps around the crowd as if possessed. Ending on new single 'Teen Spirits' despite several technical hitches and bum notes along the way (to say the least), he's left the audience appropriately confused and anticipative - given time the young Filipino could become something special. Ultimately it is a true rock 'n' roll performance, perfectly setting the stage for the headliners.

Cue the signature howler monkey sound effects forcing the animals behind me to squeeze up tighter than their spray on jeans. The now utterly compressed crowd becomes frenzied as the drummer is spotted scrambling onto the stage before the thronging bassline of an addictive, unreleased opener begins. Any judgments held by the moustache-wielding eyerollers are instantaneously forgotten as the Village Underground becomes a scene from Saturday Night Fever, minus the Cuban heels. Continuing without respite, breakthrough single 'The Heat' begins to the crowd's elation and by this time I can speak for the majority when I say I'm Lucky I Got What I Want (apologies).

As far as live performances go, it's difficult to top. Picture two frontmen constantly swapping guitars, flanked by two funky backing singers, throw in some tubular bells and empty Coke bottles above the drum kit and you're almost there. The unreleased tracks settle well with our unanimously swivelling hips, but the real treat comes in the encore. They close with a ten minute climactic rendition of 'Platoon', infecting every human being in the glorified East London warehouse with an unrestrained, organic groove. Only right at the last when 'T' shouts, "you've been the best crowd we've had yet!" does it become apparent that we've been under their spell for almost an hour. This is a kind of hypnosis you won't get from many other live acts out there.