In a year in which we've been swamped with open letters, wading through page after page of someone's indirect complaints at one person that is somehow relevant to the whole of society and totally not for publicity purposes half the time honest, it's nice to get back to the good old fan letter. The problem being, though, that this one also went public, and on some rather shaky legal grounds at that.

Asked by his teacher, North Carolina middle schooler Graceson wrote a letter to his favourite celebrity, A$AP Rocky. The problem was that he didn't do so well at addressing the envelope as, instead of being delivered to Lord Flacko himself, it instead went to the Mishka NYC offices where it was opened by Ray The Destroyer, committing a federal crime in the process, before posting it on Instagram. Having said that, it's probably a good thing it was shared with the world, and not only because A$AP Rocky will actually get to read it now.

It's full of grammatical errors and spelling errors but also a pretty detailed (in certain areas) knowledge of Rocky, including his past criminal history and age. It's exactly what pretty much everyone at some point in their childhood sent to a hero and it's nice to see that fan letters are still a thing and continue to be wonderful expressions of joy and adoration. [via CoS]

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