Because we live in a messed up sort of post-modern world where if something doesn't amount to shock value then it isn't anything in the public eye, performance artist Kevin Edson decided to do something that can only be described as really, incredibly messed up. April 16, 2014 was the one year anniversary of the bombings at the end of the Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured more than 260. Edson decided to leave a rice cooker filled with confetti on the finish line of the Boston Marathon, which (obviously) lead to him getting arrested in relation to a suspected bomb hoax. You can watch a video of his "performance piece" below.


A classmate and friend of Edson's said that he may have struggled with mental illness, but it just as well could have been one of Edson's performance pieces. In the video above he yells "Boston Strong" before planting the backpack and subsequently getting arrested "about five seconds later," according to the girl who posted the video. It's all very art school and very wrong, and people have been tearing him a new one on his Facebook page. One comment reads "Thanks for fucking up hundreds of people's evenings, scaring the shit out of downtown Boston, and making our college look terrible. Asshat. No one's impressed, intrigued, or moved by your pathetic attempt at 'performance art.'" His bail has been set at $100,000 and if he's convicted he could spend anywhere between five and twenty years in prison.