Label: Mute Records Release date: 24/05/10 Link: Official Site Earlier (maybe months ago, even) I wrote about A Place To Bury Strangers and their ‘Keep Slipping Away’ single – I remember liking it, especially since they are one of my favorite noise rock bands next to greats like Big Black and Scratch Acid. So what to do with Ego Death? After thinking about, I could only present it as a classic thesis statement. The latest single offers up some nice summation of the album highlight while offering up some interesting radio fodder. Immediately, the song offers up some elements that make or break its appeal: loosely reverb'd and echoed out Bowie-esque vocals over the pounding wall of noise that is APTBS. While ‘Keep Slipping Away’ recalled New Order, this song is vocally indebted to the Thin White Duke, but with Ackermann’s expected sneer (and a bit of a Tony Nozero affectation). Now, the song is about a minute shorter for this single release, and as a result the instrumental passages feel less like jams and more like bridges, which add at least some interesting full band motorik style with the surf meets Jesus Lizard guitar line present at the section near the end. Overall, it is an exercise in brilliant dynamic use and good (and damn clever) editing to tighten up and slightly solidify the song into a better experience overall. It is an intense trip overall and has a nice modern loudness to counterpoint its classic noise roots sound and feel. Despite being something I had already listened to a few score times and enjoyed every time, this new version made me like this song again. The only gripe is the lack of B-sides in the promo I received, but then again you don’t much more to quench a thirst for the band. Photobucket