Label: Rocketgirl Records Release Date: 06/04/09 Link: Reminiscent of the Shoegaze Era, with typhoons of static fuzzing distortion and echoes that take away all vocal clarity, 'Missing You' would sound pretty damn good if it didn't sound like it was recorded in a tin can. It seems A Place To Bury Strangers have abided by the same rustic recording quality that existed with Joy Division, and that Mercury Rev pulled off magnificently in their song, 'Clamor'. A Place To Bury Strangers however, take it so far that it comes rather close to a shambles; it's next to impossible to make out the lyrics, not just because the vocal sound is drowned out by the instrumentals, but because it's so muffled, like speaking through a megaphone with too much feedback. The single's strengths are the two remixes of 'To Fix the Gash in Your Head' that accompany it, which don't sound quite as messed up as 'Missing You'. Rating: 5/10