Music usually comes attached to a story. That story can make a piece of music more interesting to you, providing valuable empathy that ties you indelibly to it, but it can also cloud your perception to its detriment. Leaving you unable to focus on anything but the story, the associated facts, rather than the music at hand.

There is no story attached to this song. A Quiet State are the anonymous side project to a band that we don't know the name of. So you just get the music. It's a slow build. Over five minutes it takes control of your brain and refuses to relinquish. It belies multiple listens, each time digging deeper and deeper into your conscience.

I'm glad to know absolutely nothing about this project. I'm glad that the music is all I have. The music is enough. When it's this good it's all you need. No back story. No preconceptions. Just the song, and the places that it takes your thoughts while it lasts. Have a listen, let it wash over you and take hold in the way that good music can. Especially if you are reaching the end of a rough week. Listen to this, close your eyes, and feel renewed.