Here is a remix of Italian producer Indian Wells' track 'Alcantara' by fellow Italian, Jolly Mare. The track is taken from his very recent Pause LP, released via Bad Panda Records.

The original Indian Wells track (listen below) is a lovingly crafted slice of low-intensity crackle-ridden soft house, driven by a organic vehicle of a beat featuring boom-thud kicks and shakers, ghostly samples fading in and out of earshot, synth wibblings float throughout, the whole thing gradually awakening with added metallic percussion and, finally, the subtle addition of rumbling bass.

Jolly Mare's "Lancia Thema" remix, however, is a shivering reworking of the original track, a deconstructed version that stutters with rattle-plank synth sounds and fragments of deliciously chorused slap bass, a skittering beat offering up a decided sense of urgency. Add to this a new element of distorted '80s-style-rock guitar and magical icy synth pads and you have yourself the perfect dynamic soundtrack to riding around at night in a Lancia Thema (it's a car, if you didn't know).

Both producers were kind enough to answer a few questions for us, Indian Wells talking about the original, Jolly Mare about the remix:

What's the inspiration/idea behind the track?
Indian Wells: Last summer i went to this beautiful place in Sicily called Gole di Alcantara, and it has been a great inspiration for this track. I wanted to put all the colors i've been feeling in this track.

Jolly Mare: A night ride on my uncle's old car, eighties finest Lancia Thema. Its seats were covered with this natural fiber called "Alcantara", that's why I came up with this idea.

Is there any particular time or place in the universe where it'd sound best?
Indian Wells: Obviously at Gole di Alcantara. But i think it could be a good fit in your car, with a beautiful landscape on your side, in the afternoon.

Jolly Mare: Night-time probably is a more suited environment, as I told you. No particular age.

What would you like people to see or feel when they listen?
Indian Wells: Well-being and freedom.

Jolly Mare: Love your questions Russell, you'd be a psychologist. Darkness and breeze coming inside from window seats.

In addition, the premiere of this remix also marks the launch of a remix competition for 'Alcantara'. You can find the stems over on the Bad Panda Records bandcamp page. Submit them to the Alcantara Remix Contest group on SoundCloud by 31st May – the winning remix will be released on Bad Panda Records, and if it's yours, you'll also win a three-month subscription to Klekt.

What is Klekt? It's a vinyl-delivery service launching before summer. Its founder, Claudio Gallo (also head of Bad Panda Records) tells us:

The tagline is "Curated monthly vinyl delivered to your doorstep", it's a like a good friend introducing you to a new album they love every month and for the first months your "friends" are Max Richter, Vincent Moon, Laetitia Sadier from Stereolab, JD Twitch of Optimo, Brian Turner from WFMU and other good people.

Good luck with your remixes, should you choose to submit one. In the meantime, please enjoy this damn good remix and the beautiful original.