After a busy year garnering further support both in Europe and the US, Oxford's piano-driven indie quartet A Silent Film re-release their 2008 debut The City That Sleeps on Xtra Mile. The re-released album omits three tracks included in the original release, and in their place are 'Driven by their Beating Hearts' and 'Firefly in my Window', two new tracks once again produced by Sam Williams. Tracklisting 1. Driven by their Beating Hearts 2. Sleeping Pills 3. You Will Leave a Mark 4. Thirteen Times the Strength 5. Julie June 6. One Wrong Door 7. Firefly in my Window 8. Lamplight 9. Feather White 10. Aurora A Silent Film - The City That Sleeps The City Sleeps comes out (again) on 4th October on Xtra Mile Recordings.