You may not have heard of the Oxford four piece A Silent Film, which may be down to them having spent much of their existence in hibernation.But we here at The405 can't imagine why you won't have very soon! Having now awoken form their seemingly eternal slumber to defy any rumors of extinction, A Silent Film has begun to rebuild upon the foundations they started laying 4 years ago, and with ground breaking results! Having forged their very own popular sound from scratch; one that could easily compete with those on radio today, A Silent Film has produced their own brand of musical rocket fuel complete with stream line melodies, super sonic vocals and a British touch. Listen to their debut album The City That Sleeps and imagine the painstaking effort it took to peel,layer and construct these emotional epics, especially when you find out that record was recorded live. The results speak for themselves, The City That Sleeps may never settle back to a place found living below a whisper ever again and A Silent Film may not be so silent after all! Rob from A Silent Film took some time out from recording to talk to us here at The405. Read on! Just for our readers at home, can you tell us who you are, where you're from and how and when the band got together? My name is Robert, I'm from the land of Radiohead (Oxford, England). I play in an alt-rock band called 'A Silent Film'. We formed in 2005 and were just lazy for a few years, we built our own studio and wrote a million songs in our own time. The tip of the iceberg is our debut album 'The City That Sleeps' available NOW! Did you have any initial aims with regards to the sound you wanted to create or their content when you formed the band? Absolutely, we wanted people to see us live and go 'wow', those guys can really play whilst at the same time spinning out an emotional thread that our audience could grab on to. We've never been fans of the 'too cool to commit' apporoach, we like to go the distance and we knew we wanted to do something extraordinary but we didn't really know how to begin. So we tried every colour, sound and shape we could think of until we found the right ones for us. Where or form whom do you draw your inspirations when writing new lyrics and music? Love, sex and death. And everything inbetween, I'm fortunate enough to be the lyricist in this band so I can say for sure that I'm most likely to write a song as a reaction to something painful or beautiful I've experienced in my life than any specific singer or author. Of course there we are insprired by a whole host of people but they are plentiful to list and to name too few would be misleading. As a film student myself, I've studied and watched a lot of silent films! How did the name "A Silent Film" originate and do you have a favorite silent film at all? Sure, I was a big Chaplin and Keaton buff at the time we were looking for a name. I took the piano melody out of Charlie Chaplin's 'The Kid' and wrote a song around it, gave it a modern twist. The guys focused in on it as a style we all agreed was interesting and the name stuck. It's a little awkward, but alphabetically a great advantage. If you could tour with any band or musician from the past or present who would it be and why? I'd love to open up for Leonard Cohen. We'd quieten down the set though, throw in some slow numbers and be respectful to his audience. I'd also dearly love to be on tour with someone like E from Eels, experience the world through his eyes. Find out how he approaches the stage after all these years being E. Next month you will be playing a few shows around the UK. Do you have any stories from being on the road that you could share? And where is your favorite place to play? What goes on on tour, stays on tour! You know that! There was this time we drove overnight from Aberdeen to Oxford in the snow with no brakes, we used the hand brake only for 10 hours but we really shouldn't talk about that. Favourite place to play; Glasgow, everyone is tough as nails and up for a party. I recently heard one of your songs "You Will Leave A Mark" being played on a trailer for UKTV. Not that I'm an avid watcher, you understand, haha. I imagine that this is however somewhat of an accomplishment for the band. How exactly did this come about? When you are a new band on the scene (which we are dispite having formed in 2005) there are always advertising people looking for good music to accompany their product, we wanted the exposure and thought the clip looked great so we graciously granted them permission to use our song! Are there any plans to make a music video any time soon? Oh yes, there are always plans. Money... that's a whole different story. What the first and last album that each of you bought?! First album I bought was Nirvana's 'Nevermind', it rocked and had a song called 'Territorial Pissings' which made me feel rebellious. The last album I bought was by Fleet Foxes, really great band, lovely album. And finally, where do you hope to see the band in 3 years time, in terms of doing new projects (e.g side projects) and any other personal aspirations you each have in life? Still on the up I hope, we should be well established and working on a third album. Right now I think the side project by that guy in that band A Silent Film would be greeted by the world with a gapping yawn. We'll wait until we're selling stupid amounts of records before we nose dive back to earth with our 'experimental' side projects. Be sure to check out more from A Silent Film by visiting their official MySpace here