Once again I must talk about my favorite band Starflyer 59 who recently released a new single from their forthcoming album "Dial M" onto iTunes. The song "Brightest of the Head" is quite possibly one of the poppiest songs Starflyer has ever written. The song is moved along by a steady and loud back drum beat with layers of guitar on top of it, a constant rhythm of acoustic guitar providing the rhythm with a melody played with an electric guitar. To add to the poppiness of this song Starflyer also includes light synth melody on top of the guitars and toward the end throws in some synth strings for dramatic effect. Lyric wise, Jason Martin (lead singer) sings of trying to clean up his life and his inner thoughts, stating that he tries and tries. A simple sounding song overall but like most Starflyer songs there is a complexity to be heard on repeat listens.  "Dial M" will be released on October 28th, 2008, until then, if you wish, you can hear three new songs, including "Brightest of the Head" at Starflyer's myspace page myspace.com/starflyer59. If you enjoy this song after hearing it from their myspace page support Starflyer 59 by purchasing it from iTunes here.