Passion Pit were forced to play DJ sets at their Canadian shows at the weekend, after a storm in Chicago destroyed 'approximately 75%' of their gear.

The band were set to headline Chicago's North Coast Music Festival on Friday night, but the storm saw the festival being temporality delayed. Opposed to a full-scale set, Passion Pit performed a DJ set at the festival and also at their gigs in Calgary and Edmonton. Though they expressed in a statement on their website that they intend to return to Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg in the future to play "proper shows."

The statement also read: "As a touring band that is proud to actually perform electro-pop as opposed to just pressing play, using many keyboards, both analog and digital, this is a nightmare we've had for quite some time. It's almost incredible that it hasn't happened already."

Meanwhile, their equipment is being serviced and replaced and their crew are salvaging what they can.

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