After releasing their label debut single ’Suddenly’ just over a month ago, Hobart, Tasmania’s A. Swayze and & the Ghosts are back with a 10-minute long garage rock epic titled ‘Reciprocation’. The B-side to their upcoming 12” 'Suddenly'/'Reciprocation' which set to be released March 29th via Rough Trade, Swayze and the band contemplate dysfunctional relationships and unrequited love across ten-minutes of simple but well-meaning garage punk.

Though the track features a raw, underground punk sound remindful of—apologies for cliches comparison—the Sex Pistols, Swayze’s earnest words of love-sickness harken to those of Jonathon Richman. But this does not mean ‘Reciprocation’ is some sweet love song. It is, instead, one about the emotional turbulence and frustration concerning a relationship in ruins, “I want you, why don’t you want me back? / I love you, why don’t you love me back?”

‘Reciprocation’ commences with a warm and patient lead guitar riff, but like with all good garage rock, the band inevitably sheds the track of any and all sense of tidiness. While this release is less immediate and frantic than it’s A-Side, A. Swayze and & The Ghosts imbue the same level energy, but through a meticulous, brick-layering build-up that eventually boils over with a fuzzed out explosion just past the five-minute mark.

As Savage wails to a near-cry, releasing all of his anger and frustration, the barrage of angular riffs and propulsive percussion slows into a pensive passage of melting and meandering guitars. With all emotion and energy brought back to earth, backing vocals begin to repeat, “Why am I waiting?” to give off this grueling feeling of well—waiting.

You can pre-order 'Suddenly'/'Reciprocation' here, and follow A. Swayze & the Ghosts on Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.

See A.Swayze & the Ghosts live on their debut UK tour:

9 May | The Great Escape Festival, Brighton
13 May | Hy-Brasil Music Club, Bristol*
15 May | Whelans, Dublin, Ireland*
16 May | Empire Music Hall, Belfast, Ireland*
17 May | Mono, Glasgow*
20 May | The Old Blue, London (Headline/Free show)

*with Nude Party