The underrated funk/house/soul/general groovers from Lancashire, Bondax, have kindly deconstructed their latest album Revolve for us.

Revolve is a record based on the idea of the Circadian rhythm. Each track takes place over the course of a day, from morning to dawn the next day. We made the tracks with this in mind, trying to be as creative and eclectic as we could, fitting in as many styles as possible.

Waking ft Sara Z:

This track is one George started a few years ago, sending files back and forth between him and Sara Z; our friend and amazing vocalist. It starts with a rising 40-piece orchestral introduction (which we recoded in Skopje, Macedonia last year) accompanied with glistening piano played by our friend Geordan Reid-Campbell. It moves into a more disco-driven yet ethereal moment when the drums and bass come in. It’s short and sweet as we wanted to keep this track as an introduction to the record. A short soundtrack to a morning reverie.

Real Thing ft Andreya Triana:

'Real Thing' is a track we wrote many years ago, we used to perform it on tour when we played as a band back in 13/14. It’s changed dramatically from its original vibe, now moving into soul & disco territory. The strings change from emotive flourishes in the intro to sharp Philly-style stabs that accentuate the chorus as it evolves into disco. Andreya Triana delivers an amazing performance on this, and we’re so happy to release a collaboration with her as we’ve been fans for years! This track also features piano from Geordan on the final section.

Deeper ft Aquilo:

We made 'Deeper' with our good friends from our hometown Aquilo. George and Tom from Aquilo actually started this one after a night out (when we all lived in Manchester) and was originally a more sombre and chilled track, now it’s the complete antithesis of that. Undiluted, straight-up feel-good modern disco pop. We recorded a choir in a church in Hackney which you can hear on the outro.

What You Do ft Shells:

We started this track back when we used to live together in our flat in Manchester. This was the product of a late night session in our living room, we came up with the guitar riff and took it from there, basing the tune around it. Adding world percussion and different Latin rhythms until it seemed right. Shells then came in and delivered such a beautiful perfect vocal for the track, we couldn’t be happier with her vocal. She worked so well despite having to deal with a slightly bizarre structure, coming up with the perfect hook and skewed harmony. Laurie Blundell then came in and added the bouncing Latin piano at the end, we’re still so impressed with his part, taking the track to a more authentic place. This track also features Graham Pike on Trumpet and Tim Burns on Trombone and Surdu.

Air ft Duckwrth:

This is perhaps the most different sounding track we’ve ever made. Our first foray into hip hop, guided by the man of the moment Duckwrth who we wrote this track with in about four hours! We wrote this at our friends, Bag Raiders’ studio in LA, originally written using a Rhodes patch on the nord and the beat on an original 808. We’ve since replayed the parts on an actual Wurlitzer and recorded our best friend and very talented Ben Chetwood on the drums. We recorded his live drums throughout the record, this performance probably our favourite. This track also features the Macedonian orchestra and Laurie Blundell playing the piano at the final crescendo. This track was probably the hardest for us to finish, adding in the time signature switch at the end, taking it the most jazzy territory we’ve probably ever attempted.

Horizon ft J Warner:

Entering into nighttime, this track is the transition into the darker sounds of the album, one of the more clubbier sides of Revolve. This track was started and finished in London, written by ourselves and J Warner. After sitting on the song an idea came to mind in the middle of the night, bringing the break beat from another idea & editing J’s vocals lead to a breakthrough moment. The track came to life with the arpeggio & became one of the most hypnotic pieces on the album. The drum break is layered by Ben and credit to Tim Burns who helped us engineer and mix the record. He painstaking matched up the transients perfectly to make this beat massive.

Give It Back:

We wrote this track a long time ago with friends Dee Adam and previous ‘Gold’ collaborator Joe Janiak. It started out as a very different track, a pastiche of 80s music complete with a Lindrum and a Juno bassline. We flipped it and made it into a very modern sounding thumper driven by an arpeggio on our Prophet 6 synth. Poppy Baskcomb then came in and smashed the delivery with a sassy vocal. One of our favourite moments recording this track was in the house where we finished the record back home, recording pint glasses hit with spoons!

Eyes On You ft Daniel Alexander:

This was the quickest & possibly most enjoyable track we produced on the album. Created in London with our good friend Daniel Alexander the song focuses on the confusion of contemporary life. Once Adam started playing the initial idea on a Wurlitzer in the studio we all knew exactly where the piece needed to go & it became an exercise in restraint: only sounds, lyrics & melodies that belonged to the meaning of the track could be used. The restriction we gave ourselves created a very definite direction that lead to what we feel is one of the most raw & meaningful songs on the album.

All Inside (Reprise):

Once the songs were written we returned home to finish the record in a house by the sea near our home towns. On returning home it struck us that much of our original sound existed in fractured remnants across the album. Returning to All Inside felt natural & inspiring, the original was never released so it felt like time to explore a new interpretation of the song. We had a lot of fun recording random clicky sounds for the beat, like the sound of pressing guitar pedals, lighters and finger snaps. We used the space in the house and recorded guitars/synths through our Space echo pumped out through an amp in the corner of the kitchen. The song also goes into ‘the room’ at the end, rerecording the master track and replacing the clean audio at the end.

Last Light:

Naturally, after entering more abstract territory we felt the final moment on the album should be a return to optimism. This track takes us back to those beaches with our friends, we produced it with the aim of creating something that could fit into any of the decades that have inspired us. It’s a track about enjoying those moments of love that cannot be replicated. whether you ever feel it again is irrelevant, those fleeting moments of love can change everything.

Revolve is streaming now.