When Aaliyah died back in 2001, her R&B blueprints were left for the world to share, plagiarise and draw inspiration from. The fact that her legacy has been so heavily protected (from an 'unreleased music' perspective) is a testament to the talent that left us far too soon.

Now, with the help of Drake and Noah '40' Shebib, we have a brand new track from the iconic figure.

If you actually separate your thoughts from who this is, and just approach it as a new R&B track, you'd probably enjoy it; beautiful vocals? Check. Good production? Check.

If you start to ask questions about how the track was produced, the directions it could've taken, and how Drake approached his verse, then you could have some serious worries on your hand. Is this the sort of production that Aaliyah would've chosen? Questionable. Is Drakes verse a bit ham-fisted (not just because he mentions Balotelli)? Yeah, pretty much.

Like many of the comments left on the track from the 220'000 plays this stream has had alone, it's just nice to hear her voice again, isn't it?