Atmosphere seems to be a gift for Aaron Rice. On 'Ghosttown,' the debut single from his upcoming solo LP, Neverfade/For Dusk, the Minneapolis-based artist bends a dark and ethereal sound to his will, resulting in a synthpop sound that pulses and caresses the heart in equal measure.

The track's music video, directed by Wolves (Alex Brown), plays off those themes with a dark narrative tinged with disturbing sci-fi. I'm not sure I've seen white balaclavas and glowing eyes in the same piece of art before, but it certainly works here.

"'Ghosttown' is a reflection on relationships and commitment and the old institution of marriage in the modern world -- or really a ward against it," says Rice. "The video takes this theme and sets it in a thriller genre piece. We see these characters venture into an event where everything feels exciting and glamorous, but quickly we find out they had no idea what they were walking into. How easily we tread the waters we've over-romanticized, and fall unwittingly into the deep."

You can watch the video for Aaron Rice's 'Ghosttown' up above or you can stream the track down below. And be sure to check out Neverfade/For Dusk when it drops on May 10. It should be a real stunner.