Ab-Soul - a member of the well regarded West Coast 'Black Hippy' crew who, amongst others, includes breakout phenomenon Kendrick Lamar - collaborates with Pittsburgh based rapper Mac Miller on a slick, morbidly tinged beat, entitled 'The End is Near' produced by Miller's alter ego Larry Fisherman.

The track, featuring pianos and hats that seem suspended in thin air, a funky, but serious bass line and dark choral pads that coalesce together to fashion a pensive, weed addled, boom bap orientated head nodder, shows, in fine style, why Hip-Hop tastemakers 'XXL Magazine' have picked Soul to be part of their revered freshman class list for 2013.

Soul, whose new album in collaboration with JMSN 'Unit 6' is due out soon, really shines with his verse on this. His delivery is on point, its confident, full of character and personality and his flow, wordplay and lyrical agility are up there with the best the genre has to offer at the moment, deploying deadly rhyme schemes and patterns which from Miller's point of view must be a bit of bitter sweet pill to swallow, as he is completely overshadowed and out boxed by an emcee on top form and at the top of his game right now. That's not saying Millers verse is bad in any sense of the word, he comes smooth, relaxed and laid back, his words and punch lines are good but he just isn't in the same league as Ab-Soul. He does however create the perfect foil for Soul's lustre with his instrumental and on the production front is definitely one to look out for in the future. He knows exactly when to bring in and take out individual elements, in the process allowing each part to shine and stand out in its own right, making the whole creation shine despite its murky, lo-fi feel.

As Miller's sound, both lyrically and on the buttons, continues to mature, and if he keeps getting collaborations like these, his share price in the rap game is definitely set to skyrocket. Soon, in the not too distant future I can foresee that it won't be long before people are shouting Miller's name from the rooftops. Only time will tell though and I may be wrong, so until then we will just have to tread water and be content listening to cuts like these.