The second in a series of location based playlists takes us from Scotland across the North Sea to Sweden. Sweden is renowned for having a ridiculously attractive population, giving the world (semi-stylish) flat pack furniture, and boxy but safe cars in the shape of Volvos. That much, I think is agreed. What has been more a bone of contention was their musical exports... Until relatively recently the Swedish musical outgoings were pretty dubious to say the least. ABBA, Ace of Base and Roxette... hmm... Of course things picked up in the 90s with The Cardigans, The Hives and Soundtrack of Our Lives hitting the airwaves. Since then the Swedish music scene has gone from strength to strength... Below is a playlist of 25 tracks from new(ish) Swedish artists for you to enjoy.

What have I missed out on? Like it? Then download a copy of it for yourself right here. (Beware, it's a pretty huge file).