On Friday a new program will be hitting your TV set. It's called and it's from the people that put together the amazing 'Live From Abbey Road' series. We caught up with Suzanne Olbrich to talk about the project, which will be on Channel 4 this Friday (15th October) at 00.35 and 4oD the week after. Hello! Firstly could you introduce yourself to our readers? I have been working on Live From Abbey Road almost since the start of filming for its first season, three years ago. I started as an intern and now am Associate Producer on that show. The Debuts pilot is my first TV project as producer. Apart from this I have produced a couple of music videos. Could you exlpain the 'Abbey Road Debuts' project to us and describe where the idea came from? We have been wanting to make a show for a younger audience for a couple of years. As part of my job on LFAR I go and check out artists that might be featured. Over the past couple of years there have been an increasing number of acts that I saw that were amazing live, yet knew we couldn't book for the series. LFAR is made for an international audience and our bookings have to be attractive to sales agents all over the world . It means that if an act is very new or has not really broken or just lacks international label support we couldn't record them. We have had some incredible artists over the years: Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, Elbow, Brian Wilson for example but I just really wanted to be able to put the spotlight on artists that are unlikely to get much in the way of TV promo. Most of UK music television features a very small selection of major label artists and they have huge publicity teams behind them. There are so many brilliant acts that we know people would love if they actually got the chance to see and hear them. A couple of digital radio stations do an excellent job of highlighting a varied range of musicians and there are great places online to find new bands to listen tom however the sheer volume of acts online can be off-putting. There is no longer a filter for the public. A guiding hand to show them a selection of what's on offer. We hope that after a while people will trust us to introduce them to acts that they'll be intrigued by, even if it's not their usual genre or style of music. It took a while to find the correct way forward for Debuts. We discussed different styles of program, for example, recording it at gig venues or pretty much turning the studio into a venue. At first we thought about just featuring new, young bands then realised that there are also so many artists that are further on in their careers that deserve a TV spot too. We also wanted to make a music show with a presenter where the focus was the artist; hosted by someone who loved music and who's enthusiasm would be infectious for the audience, not a TV "personality". The feel we were trying to get across to the audience is as if they have snuck into a session rather than are watching a performance. In terms of a setting there isn't much better than Abbey Road. How do you feel this project differs from other recorded projects held in previous years at Abbey Road, namely the parent project from which it has spawned from (LFAR)? Abbey Road is so special and we are very lucky to get to film here, as well as come to work here every day as our production office is in the building. Debuts differs from LFAR in quite a few ways, some subtle, some overt. The most obvious one is the inclusion of a presenter and an audience. It was wonderful to be able to invite fans of a band into the studio in such an intimate setting to watch the recording. LFAR is filmed for an international audience. Debuts is for the UK only. Unlike most of LFAR which is filmed in Studio 2m this was recorded in Studio 1. Debuts will be using the live sound mixes of every session unlike LFAR which used tracks which were mixed by Abbey Road engineers after the taping. Debuts will also keep the look we have established in the pilot. LFAR changes the lighting and staging for each artist. The interviews for Debuts are not filmed in any formal setting. Tom chats to the band throughout their time with us, during set up and soundcheck, and in between tracks. The pilot goes out on the 15th of October. How excited/nervous are you about it all? I am ridiculously excited about Debuts airing this Friday. Having wanted to create a show like this for such a long time. I am amazingly pleased that we finally have something that we can show people. We are all so pleased with how it turned out. The band were incredible. Tom was the perfect host. It feels very much that we achieved our aim of keeping it very low key. Intimate and slightly magical. Showcasing the musical talents of the band off and revealing a little of their true personalities. I am also very nervous as a lot rides on how the pilot is received. We very much want to be able to make a Debuts series yet are aware that music on TV is having a difficult time attracting viewers. I just really hope that people seek it out on 4od if they miss the broadcast. It would be really ace to get to make more of these. What are the future plans for the program if the pilot is well received?<.B> If the pilot is well received then we hope to start filming the series of Debuts early in 2011. For the pilot you have Everything Everything, which is a pretty good choice in terms of a band that sums up 2010 quite nicely. In terms of picking the band/future bands. What sort of specifications did/do you have in mind? There is already a rather lengthy list of artists that we'd like to feature. Many of which I haven't caught live yet though and that is always essential for a show like this. We are using live mixes so there isn't any room for mistakes. Studio 1 can also be a little intimidating as it is physically so huge, as well as the wealth of history around the place. So we have to check that the acts are able to perform really well. That they have been playing together long enough to be able to stand up to the room and make the most of their time with us. We will be looking at bands and solo artists. We won't have many restrictions on genre. Obviously as a TV show we have to consider if the performance is visually interesting, this gets harder with electro/ synth based music but of course not impossible. We will be looking for artists that aren't getting as much attention as Everything Everything are (deservedly so of course) at present. We will be considering acts mostly from independent labels that could only have an EP under their belts of ones that are 3 or 4 albums down the line. With that said, who would you like to work with in the future? It would be slightly presumptuous to start naming people we are looking at this stage. I am still unable to talk about this project without saying "fingers crossed" or "hopefully" and don't want to curse us in case for whatever reason it doesn't work out.