The ability to influence someone's mood is probably the most valuable quality you can have as a musician. New(ish)comers Abhi//Dijon offer just that; their increasing popularity a by-product of their unique craft. Their sound has been likened to that of Jai Paul's, which for many is one of the highest forms of praise you can receive. However, it would be doing them a huge disservice if we didn't admiring them for the work they have created through their own artistry.

The duo currently reside in Ellicott City, Maryland, and since the beginning of their friendship they've traversed a path of music together. Abhi Raju, born in India, spent many years moving around the east coast before settling in Maryland. Whereas Dijon Duenas was a military kid, which meant he travelled all over the world, but like a homing bird, he would always find his way back to Maryland.

When it comes to duos, you can sometimes suss out the length of the relationship. The music will appear much more seamless and harmonious, especially if it was born out of a friendship. "Dijon and I were bored one summer a couple years ago and decided to mess with music software and see what we could do," says Abhi. "We've been friends since like 9th grade, and messing around with music is something we've always been doing."

Personally speaking, I've found myself putting Abhi//Dijon's music on and allowing it to repeat. It's great as background music when you're working or writing up an interview, alternatively it provides the perfect ingredient for a chilled-out evening with friends or in an intimate environment. Touching on the creative process, Abhi said "It usually started with either chords or drums, and we built the instrumental from there until a melody came and built the song around that."

"Pretty much just this, for all of our tunes," adds Dijon. "With some stuff we're doing now, being a bit more comfortable with our sound and impulses we've been slowly adding to this process, maybe working a whole progression around a theme or phrase that we thought up, but mostly just letting instrumentals build and the melody form after that."

With dulcet tones and soft melodies, Dijon's vocals are the icing on the cake. It's always interesting to hear how musicians and artists piece their music together - do they start with the melodies and lyrics or is it the beat and the rhythm first? With the duo, it often appears as if both the melodies and production come in tandem. Abhi opens up: "The production is the first thing we do, so I wouldn't really say it's intentional at least on my part, Dijon may sing a certain way to fit the beat."

"It's always just the groove," adds Dijon. "The melodies build from tempo, how we might freak the drums, trying to fill in space and have something very dynamic. Booty shaking. Earthquaking." Both Abhi and Dijon cite 'Honest' as their individual favourite song. When you listen to it, it's reminiscent of an early Jon B sound that evokes a myriad of emotions. As they've both experienced growing up in different cultures and taking in so many things, that will no doubt influence the direction in which their music heads in the future.

Abhi and Dijon both reside in Ellicott City, which has long been a popular destination for those interested in paranormal activity. As it's part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, it technically falls under the DMV moniker. The DMV (D.C, Maryland and Virginia) has produced a crop of heavily influential artists and sounds. It's given the world Pharrell Williams, and his longtime collaborators Clipse, Dru Hill, D'Angelo, Missy Elliott, Beach House and Ginuwine, to name a few. For Dijon, these were artists that were a major part of his formative years, "I grew up personally listening to all of these people, unwillingly really, but I moved around so much I never actually lived in MD for an extended period of time until we started college in 2010 so we would probably being lying if we were like DMV stand up. It's awesome though! Timbo is from here too, something in the agua." Musically, the sounds of various regions across the States has been so uniquely distinct. New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago and LA are well known for their respective sounds, however, it's about time we started to pay homage to the music produced by those from Maryland.

The duo's presence is no mere flash in the pan - despite being rather elusive they are well sought after. Abhi//Dijon remixed Tinashe's 2014 hit 'Pretend' and MNEK's 'Every Little Word'. "Both of their labels reached out and asked if we'd be down to do it and we figured it was a good look!" said Abhi. Whilst the originals are unique in their own right, the remixes are incredibly infectious. Scrolling the cursor over the comments on each track on SoundCloud is a testament to the work they do with other artists.

They have plans on releasing another EP later this year with a full length album on the cards for 2016. Abhi//Dijon have stated that it will sound different to their first EP, which is certainly intriguing.

As their career is still relatively young, there's no doubt they'll have things they want to achieve right now and in the future. Abhi keeps things simply by saying he just wants to make the best music he can. Often, new artists make music that will get on blogs or receive multiple 'fire' emojis, but by just creating the best work you can, all of that will eventually follow, given time. Dijon perfectly expanded on Abhi's response, "Make really cool tunes and show people that they can do things if they enjoy doing them. We hardly have a clue what we're doing in terms of the technical stuff but we think if you just have a dope ear and honestly enjoy music it'll be almost inevitable you'll have a unique perspective and you'll only get better at articulating that the longer you do it. Just trying to give our perspective as long as people will listen and maybe win a grammy before we go out, I don't know."

Charting the rise of artists and witnessing their growth allows one to appreciate music even more. With Abhi Raju and Dijon Duenas, they just simply want to have fun, put out some great songs and if it happens, eventually win a Grammy.