A Badge of Friendship are a special bunch. Not content with being PR geniuses, promoters and amazingly helpful people, they've decided to branch out even further with the arrival of ABoF TV. We caught up with Paul McCallum to talk about their exciting new venture. Hello! Could you tell us a bit about ABoF TV and how it came about? Hey! ABoF TV will feature short documentary style pieces that run anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes long giving the viewer a real feel for the band both personally and as a live entity. It's basically the culmination of an idea I've had for a few years now, ever since I was bitten by the film making bug when I was younger - I directed videos for my friends bands Biffy Clyro and Aereogramme. We always intended to produce video content that was more akin to music documentaries such as Pearl Jam's Single Video Theory, Fugazi's Instrument and even like films such as Dogtown and Z Boys rather than the way mainstream contemporary music television does it, but there was never the right time or resources to do it well. Fortunately, through the PR arm of the company we have met a number of people across the creative spectrum and through this we started a relationship with Overthrow Productions. This is when the idea seemed like a viable option and when I told them the structure of it and what I wanted it to look and feel like, they thought it was a great idea and were happy to get involved. Could you talk us through the content currently up? The first 'episode' will feature the awesome These Monsters playing at their album launch in London, which was filmed earlier in the year. This is the first one we filmed so it's quite exciting to see how it plays out and what people make of it. This will be released on Monday 4th October and then we will try to schedule each of the episodes after that on a fortnightly basis. We have four recorded so far with two episodes ready to premier with the other two still being edited at the moment. The episodes we have filmed to date involve These Monsters (as aforementioned), Shield Your Eyes / Function Records, Phantom and brilliant US band Enablers. What do you have in store for ABoF TV in terms of future content? Eventually, I would love for it to become a regular feature on our website, with amazing bands and record labels appearing every couple of weeks. I think it's important to have really cool bands like the ones we have managed to film so far, featuring in well shot, informative films and media where someone at home can click a button and get a feel for what the band stand for and sound like. I didn't have that luxury when I was younger, but when I did get my hands on a DVD of Fugazi's "Instrument" for example, it made a profound impression on me and affected what I stood for musically and culturally. If we can achieve even a smidgen of this, I would be very happy. Who makes your wish list for future collaborations? Oh, so many bands who would never come near us! There many bands from so many genres that we like now it would be tough to pick. Well, I hear Soundgarden are back together, so I think that one would go down quite well - ha ha! I also love the new Deftones album so you can put them down for a session and any of the following would be fantasy land - Sun Kill Moon, Mark Kozelek, Mew, Fleet Foxes, Fugazi (obviously) and so on. There are just too many to list! There are a number of more realistic (well, realistic in our minds) bands that we would love to film such as Pulled Apart By Horses, Oceansize, Future of the Left and Minus The Bear. It's difficult though, trying to bridge that gap between filming underground bands and bands who are on a different level, but we shall try. Lastly, what left is there for ABoF to do!? Perhaps try to cure the world of poverty, famine and war through the medium of DANCE... Nah, we have quite active minds so we do like to turn our hand to a number of things if we can. We always want to do the best we can no matter what we are trying to achieve, but there just happens to be many things we want to experience, and I guess having your own business gives you the opportunity to experiment. However, we will let the PR side of the business continue to grow and work on ABoF TV to make it as good as we possibly can and then no doubt think about other aspects of life and work we want to experience. There is no point being a jack of all trades and a master of none if you just blast out random shit and hope that some of the excrement will stick!
You can find out more about ABoF TV by heading to www.abadgeoffriendship.com/tv