There is something stimulating about artists coming together and being in the moment of something awe-inspiring, whether it is on a small or large scale. It is rousing instances such as these that weave the fabric of Access Royale. Read on for the band's own perspective on their journey from the D.C. scene to the U.K.:

"Washington, D.C. is a city bursting with an undeniable kind of energy that pulsates in areas such as U Street, Adams Morgan and Malcolm X Park on a summer Sunday. As small as the District is, there is an immense amount of potential packed within it. Over the past decade, it has blossomed into a much more colorful city than ever before. Any D.C. dweller would agree, however, that there is still plenty of growth left in regard to the solidification of the abstract yet very healthy artistic scene. Consequentially, it can be summed up as the political epicenter of America, filled to the brim with ideas and voices desperately seeking to be heard.

Everything is very driven by the beat of the powerful city, making it unique and inspiring. Being the homeland of Access Royale, D.C.’s distinctive creative vibrations shine through the band. There comes a point, though, when a musical group develops to a level at which they transcend what the city’s musical scene can provide, leaving them with no option but to look elsewhere for more outlets. Still, much of the D.C. attitude remains in our core no matter where we go. Whenever and wherever we play, we always hope that our shows will leave people with a new voice nestled somewhere deep within. It's almost like we want people to know: "We are with you. Bring your voices, bring your dancing shoes, but more than anything, bring an open mind and be a part of the world we share."

There has always been a bit more awareness in the U.K. when it comes to the music scene in general. From our perspective as Americans, what we consider contemporary is probably something that might have been contemporary five years ago in most parts of Europe. The excitement of the people and the understanding of what is truly worthwhile seem to be elevated to a level of what would almost be avnt-garde in a lot of the United States. This makes the band excited about being heard across the pond.

Deep between the melodic lines of Access Royale’s music lies a message of unity, love and understanding which, as a band, we want to share with everyone open to it. We want not only to have our voices heard, but also to experience the rush of self-expression within an atmosphere such as that of the U.K."

You can check out Access Royale on their Facebook page.