Instead of trying to put their innovative minds into finding a way to cure cancer and to stop starvation in the third world, Intel have announced that their processors are so efficient that they can be powered by wine. (Ed.s Note: to be fair, Intel know about as much about curing world hunger as we do about making processors) That’s right, wine in a glass creates power when two electrodes are dropped in thanks to acetic acid.

Strangely enough, Intel believes that these chips may be the future of connecting the population of the third world, as obviously, the third world has so much wine that they are far too drunk to find their way out of poverty. Sarcastic snipes aside, this tech could revolutionise mini computers that would be able to connect those less fortunate with the modern world. On the downside, it could mean Ghana would have to listen to Michael Buble.

Fingers crossed this technology sees the light of day and doesn’t end up just being put into the iPhone 9C or some cack like that.

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