Label: Labrador Release date: 13/12/10 Link: Official Site Five years on from their last release, Acid House Kings the Swedish pop stalwarts release ‘Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends’, and fans will be happy to know that broadly speaking, their sound has remained the same. It’s the same jolly, innocent-sounding indie-pop of their earlier years and their latest single veritably bounces along in a wonderfully carefree manner. The track itself is playful, warm and just what many of us need at this time of the year. Two weeks before Christmas a lot of us start to feel the stress of present-buying and the prospect of uncomfortable afternoons with relatives, something catchy, easy and danceable is what many of us need right now and ‘Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends’ definitely has a part to play in that sense. Yes, it does stick firmly to the Swedish twee-pop formula of guitar hooks, lots of ‘oooohs’ and hand-claps a-plenty - but when it’s as uncomplicated, unpretentious and downright fun as this, then who cares? What is clear is that instead of feeling the pressure to reinvent their sound as many contemporary bands do, Acid House Kings have decided to simply focus their efforts on perfecting what they do well – jangly, guitar-orientated pop music – and they’ve certainly got pretty close to that. The group are due to release their new album ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ in 2011, and whilst it’s a pretty safe bet it won’t be anything revolutionary, let’s wait and see what these indie-pop veterans can offer this time. Photobucket