"Dont fuck with my art. I love every single person, but at the end of the day your father ain’t shit. Thank you for your support. Peace and love. – Bam Bam"

That's how you start a press release, right? Well, if you're Action Bronson anyway.

He's talking about his Hary Fraud-produced album SAAAB STORIES, which is released on June 11th via Vice/Atlantic Records. The cover can be seen above, and the video for 'Strictly 4 My Jeeps' below the tracklisting.

  • 1. 72 Virgins (feat. Big Body Bes)
  • 2. Triple Backflip
  • 3. No Time
  • 4. The Rockers (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
  • 5. Strictly 4 My Jeeps
  • 6. Alligator
  • 7. Seven Series Triplets (feat. Prodigy and Raekwon)