It's been four years since the release of Pat Grossi, aka Active Child's last album You Are All I See, and in a press release he said his time away has been a huge inspiration for the material on Mercy. "On Mercy I wanted to feel new again in my own music. It’s been four years since my last full-length album and I wanted these songs to reflect my growth as an artist over that time. And I wanted my voice to be heard, and not just felt.”

The 10-track LP is out on 16 June via Vagrant Records and features the already released '1999' and 'Never Far Away', and was produced and recorded in Brooklyn with Van Rivers (Blonde Redhead, Fever Ray). Each song was written almost entirely on harp and piano, and they all provide a unique take on love. The release of Mercy wasn't without its troubles, however, as he explains:

“After writing for a few years I started to wonder what the purpose is of writing another song. You question the validity of each statement, each lyric, until you start to drive yourself crazy with doubt. This is an artist’s worst fear: that loss of vision. As I worked through this doubt I started to make sense of why I write and what moves me to create. And for me the real motivation is emotional clarity, without music as an outlet I’m not sure how I would cope.”

The tracklist is below, and album artwork is above.

  • Tracklisting
  • 01 1999
  • 02 These Arms
  • 03 Never Far Away
  • 04 Darling
  • 05 Mercy
  • 06 Midnight Swim
  • 07 Stranger
  • 08 Temptation
  • 09 Lazarus
  • 10 Too Late