Active Child had seemingly dropped off the radar after 2011's excellent debut record You Are All I See. But now he's back, with a beautiful new video for a track from that album, 'Johnny Belinda'.

Has anyone noticed yet how much Active Child - aka Pat Grossi - looks like Homeland's Damian Lewis, or is it just me? If we pretend he actually is Sargent Brody for a minute, then this whole Game of Thrones-esque countryside he resides in in this video makes a whole lot of sense for this beautifully bleak song than footage of being held captive in Iraq ever would.

It's an incredibly well-shot piece that was directed by Dylan Wiehahn, and is the rare kind of video that actually adds emphasise to the song it's visualizing; adding a serious sense of isolation and loneliness to a track that's already as haunting and cold as can be.

A deluxe version of You Are All I See is available from iTunes now.