They say don't work with children or animals, but this 'they' are not aware of the 405's obsession for all things cat-related.

Following last month's shoot with Years & Years - or if you're a dog fan, our recent shoot with Iain Woods - is the wonderful Invader Girl and her feline companions. Check out Carl Osbourn's beautiful photos below.

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Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl

Firstly, what are your cats' names and what made you pick them (the names and the cats)?

The black one is Hercules, aka The Destroyer, aka Catrick Bateman, because his anger and psychotic ways know no end. The white one is Tallulah, who is the fluffiest nicest creature made of sweetness and light, and who is often on the receiving end of the torture and tyranny of Hercules.

When did you get them and how would you describe your relationship?

I got one just after I finished uni as I thought it would be an adult thing to do. The other one followed a little later. Sadly they mostly despite each other although I have a feeling Hercules may be nice to Tallulah when no one's watching and simply doesn't want to damage his street cred in front of the other cats in the neighbourhood.

I love my cats more than I like most humans. Tallulah is obsessed with me to the point of annoyance. She follows me around everywhere I go and cries unless I carry her around or she can sit on my lap. She sleeps by my feet every night without fail, which makes me sound pretty sexy, I know. Hercules and I are best mates but entirely on his terms. He's up for spooning you on the couch at times and likes playing for hours but if you accidentally touch any part of him that isn't his head or neck, he will attack you with murderous force. If he was the size of a lion I think he might have ripped my limbs off on several occasions.

Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl
Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl
Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl

What are your cats' favourite toys?

Hercules digs getting off his face on his catnip filled mouse. Tallulah likes throwing her fat little body around in the air trying to catch some feathers on a string.

Do you think your cats like your music?

I think they like it when played quietly. They always run away when I'm recording vocals in my studio which I try really hard not to be offended by.

Have your cats shown any musical talent?

Hercules is always in my studio sitting in my chair. For all I know he could be making the sickest beats without ever letting on. I always imagine that if Tallulah could sing, she would sound exactly like Dolly Parton. I sort of imagine she'd speak like her too if she could talk. Hercules is half Bombay so I always imagine he would have a soft indian accent. Like a really offensive racist stereo type.

If your cats were famous jazz musicians, who would they be?

Hercules would like to think he'd be cool enough to be Chet Baker, but he clearly only listens to The Smiths and sulks about being misunderstood so I'm not sure he could cut it with the jazz legends. Tallulah is so nice and stupid, she has no idea about jazz.

Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl
Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl
Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl
Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl

Do your cats have any special skills?

They're both pretty awesome at eating, and making my life better through cat cuddles. Hercules will play fetch just like a dog if he's in the mood though. I often think that his pent up anger stems purely from being some more intelligent being, trapped in the body of a rather small cat.

How many mice have the cats "presented" you with?

Hercules fancies himself as the 'Mouse faced Killah', but actually Tallulah is the master huntress and brings home more abhorrent "gifts". It's just a shame she's a little too simple to distinguish between a decent catch and a slimy shit-filled slug. When this happens she barfs up poisonous slug guts all over the place and sits and watches me with a bemused look on her face whilst I have to clean up after her.

What is your favourite celebrity cat (real or fictional)?

I love sad cat The Bear. I think he and Hercules would make excellent pen pals. They have a lot in common. The Bear could teach Herc how to deal with his rage and maybe channel it into something else, like poetry.

Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl
Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl
Acts and their Cats: Invader Girl

Lastly, what do you have coming up (non-cat related) that we should know about?​

The video to my new track 'Stuck On Me' is about to be released. Everyone should force their cats to watch it and then let me know how they react. In fact I'd like to encourage people to film their cat's reaction to Stuck On Me and send it to me please. That'd be incredible.