We thought Todd Terje's brilliantly named It's Album Time was "so full of joy it feels like, at any second, rainbows might burst from the speakers." That about sums it up. And 'Delorean Dynamite', quite a very cool track from the album, has just got itself quite a very cool video to match.

It's actually an advert for an actual used 1981 DeLorean DMC-12. BOOM. Bet you weren't expecting that. Ok, maybe you were. In any case, it is the perfect advert music for this splendid car cruising along in the daytime, at night, with voiceovers (in Norwegian, sorry) and text (also in Norwegian) advertising the car. It makes me feel as if all music should be fit for such purposes – this, and soundtracking a film like Drive.

Oh, the photo for this post? Yeah, it's the star of the show in question.

And it's not just a fake used car advert. It's a real used car advert. Frank (no surname given) is selling his DeLorean (which has clocked up 23,300km) for 279000 krone, which is like £26,338, and director of this video Espen Friberg thought the video for Terje's track would be the best placement for the ad.

The owner had this to say about it:

This car was bought brand new in the US in 1989, has had only 3 owners and has been extremely rarely used. It was imported to Norway in 2011 and has only had one owner since. The original paperwork and documentation from Carfax comes with the car.

If you are looking for an iconic sports car and a solid collector’s item with a unique story, then this is the car for you!! Do send me a mail for a cosy chat about cars!

Do you actually want to buy it? Go here if you do. Not before you've watched the ruddy advert though, which will make you definitely perhaps want to buy it more maybe.