acuPUNKture design is the moniker under which an otherwise anonymous Irish artist creates all kinds of twisted and surreal visions, alongside a neat line in original and unique band merchandise. The talent behind the artwork took a break from the paintbrushes and canvas to answer a few questions for us, exclusively. Why did you set up acuPUNKture? I set up the site to give people a glimpse of what I love to do. I did it so I could gain back some of the confidence I'd lost over the previous couple of years due to one reason or another. Where do you get your inspiration from? I get inspiration from everywhere, day to day life, dreams. I like to take things or situations from my life and give them a surreal edge. Old fairy tales like those of The Grimm Brothers are an inspiration, books I've read whose titles I cant remember. Music plays a huge part too, every song has a picture. You already do t-shirts and prints, have you got any plans for other products? I have plans to do a line of one-off garments for a vintage clothing store, some of my work is to be featured as jewellery there too. I'm going to paint for 3 exhibitions planned for next summer, and I'll be working on some official merchandise for some bands as well as doing some projects with different photographers. Band merchandise seems to be your main focus at the moment, are you going to be expanding on the non-music related side of your work at all? Yes absolutely. I'm going to be painting a lot more, things that wont be associated with acuPUNKture as much. I love music though and the band stuff is very convenient and fun for me so I think it will always feature. What's been your bestselling design so far? I've sold quite a few of the Time for Heroes t-shirts, and the Peter Doherty QPR design, I never knew I had so many QPR fans in my friends… Are there any negatives to having your own design company? Unfortunately yes. I do everything, I can't just sit back and paint and have no contact with people. I do all the emailing, chasing for payment etc. It can also be tiresome repeating the same design over. People also seem to think that when you can draw or paint you just have to click your fingers and hoards of paintings suddenly appear, and when you’re expected to think up an idea within seconds as well as paint it makes life quite tough at times. I'm not the best with deadlines. I shouldn’t complain though, I'm very thankful for the lovely messages I get everyday encouraging me. It means a lot. Where do you see acuPUNKture going in the future? I'll do acuPUNKture for as long as Im happy. I think it will be around in some form for as long as I am, it’s only a name for a collection of my work. I'd like to think I'll always be painting. Check out all work by acuPUNKture design on myspace or deviantart.