The news that everyone here was looking out for has finally arrived. Adam Gnade has announced that he'll be releasing a limited edition tape titled... Surrenderland: You Could Quit Your Jobs and Run Away Like You Used to, Back When You Did Things Just Because, and Because it Felt Good to Run Away, and Because You Didn’t Worry so Much Like You Do Now… just Because and Leave the Assholes Behind and Fuck ‘em Anyway, They Don’t Mean Shit. Part two of the three-part cassette series that began with his Island's Islands cassette, Surrenderland will be issued in a limited-run of 100 cassettes, each one recorded live into Adam's 4-track machine, and each one totally different.
Adam Gnade
The tapes will take songs from Adam's debut record, Run Hide Retreat Surrender, and will offer up alternate versions of the songs. Here's what Adam had to say about it the release: “I'm recording each 20-minute album onto the tape I send you and whatever you get will be totally different than any of the other tapes. I chose to deconstruct the Run Hide Retreat Surrender songs because there's a lot of room to fuck with those songs and I've been wanting to try new shit with them for years—acoustic versions, experimenting with noise revamps, more avant dissections, full band arrangements, heavier minimalism, fucking up the lyrics—whatever feels right at the time.” Head over to to grab yourself a copy!