405 favourite Adam Gnade continues his prolific output, planning the release of his new novella, Caveworld.

In an effort to fund the novel's printing, Gnade is offering fans a special custom novella project through August only. It's an interesting idea as Gnade's novels and music share themes and characters, often overlapping and continuing a larger story.

Adam explains on his website: "…I'm offering this thing for the next two weeks where I'll write, lay out, and print a 40-page novella that will be all yours. There will be one copy, no reprints, and once the thing is sent off to you, I'll burn the master copy. (In short: you'll be the only one on earth with a copy). I think all told it'll take me about a month's work to produce each book/novella. Because of the work it entails, I can only do two or three of these (max)…"

Interested fans should send an email to adam@pioneerspress.com for more information.

Gnade also has a new EP due out in September with the Hot Earth All Stars, titled Greater Mythology Blues.