Artist: Adam Gnade Album: Run Hide Retreat Surrender Label: Loud And Clear Records Link: I was introduced to Adams work through Lois last year and since then he's become a regular part of my listening time so I thought I would do write a mini review on his album Run Hide Retreat Surrender.  One of the things i've always wanted to do was to travel across America and see every nook and cranny. I've yet to take up that adventure but for some reason listening to this album makes me feel less bad about it. It's not that his music/lyrics are about travelling, in fact most of it centers around dealing with every day life, which is something that translates itself to a hell of a lot of people on this planet, regardless of the country. But for some reason theres romance in the words he uses and the way he says them. It most certainly touches on americana. Just without the cheese. So thats it really. Short i know but it's quite a hard album to review. Adams work is just spoken blues but without the 12 bars, which makes it particularly hard to deconstruct. I suggest you go out and buy it and then preferably grab yourself a cold beer and sit and listen. You'll most likely fall in love like I did.

Rating: 8/10