Art Feature Jesse Spears Written by Adam Gnade I haven't completely decided why I love Jesse Spears' art so much. For one, it's not exactly the vibe I'm usually attracted to. It's cartoonish, which is something I generally don't care for, and there’s a lot of pop-culture references, and pop-culture and I don't get along, to say the least. That being said, her stuff hits me where it counts. It's vibrant, funny, trashy, west coast-evoking, and, above all, wholy unqiue. Her more structured work kicks my ass on a compositional level and her crazier Pollock-style drips and splatters hypnotize me. Maybe it's because she's from California (LA) and I'm chronically homesick. Maybe it's the fuck-it-all carelessness mixed with a serious eye for color combinations. Like I said, I haven't come to terms with it yet. Of course I'm not an art critic or a journalist so take what I say as nothing more than the naive words of a fan. So, beyond that, who is Jesse Spears? Unlike a lot of the people I'm writing about for my little curation stint here at this website, I've never met her, but her art is a great thing and great art always deserves your attention and time. Here's Jesse Spears... Link