Mixtape/The End Well, that’s it my friends. We wave goodbye to Adam Gnade and thanks him for making this week happen and for all his hard work. To play us out Adam has put together a mixtape for you to check out. By his intro text you’ll guess that this was compiled as the summer kicked off. A summer mixtape might seem bizarre to you considering we’re now heading into Autumn but hell, I think this is a great way to end the season. As I write this summer is just around the corner and I'm hoping for a huge one. These are my summer songs. Now they're yours. 1. Gowns "Fargo"* 2. Peter and the Wolf "Trainhopper" 3. Castanets "This is the Early Game" 4. Kurt Vile "Sympathy" 5. John Fahey "Funeral Song for Mississippi John Hurt"* 6. Blind Uncle Gaspard and Dela Lachney "Baoille" * 7. Marika Papagika "Zmirneikos Balos"* 8. Blue Sky Boys "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone" 9. The Shaky Hands "Maker Make" 10. Peter and the Wolf "The Bride of Safe Travels" Click here to download the mixtape Click here to download the 'missing' songs *You'll have to work hard to find these songs. Good luck!