It's no surprise that we love Adam Gnade here at The 405. From his music to his written work - we love him to our very core. It's sort of become a tradition of ours to interview him every so often to see what he's up to and after the announcement of his latest release (Surrenderland), the time seemed right to see what the great man was up to. We talk photography, his new release and him coming over here to play with Youthmovies one last time!
Hello! How's life been since we last spoke? Hey, man, shit's goin' pretty well. I moved out to the country. Portland was alright but I'm not a city person. I need a lot of quiet and time to mellow out and fuck around and get my head straight. Here, I can write and record whenever I want and not have to worry about anything. It's all guns and cowboy boots and snakes. Lotta time to sit around and drink gin and read James Joyce, which is alright by me. Been reading so much lately. Feels great. Joyce, Walt Whitman, Carl Sandburg, Mishima, Achebe, Hemingway, there's just so much to read it fucking kills me. SurrenderlandWhat made you decide to re-work the songs from Run Hide Retreat Surrender? Well, it was my first record and even though it was only a couple years ago, it seems like forever. Those songs have been gestating in my head for a while. Been wanting to turn 'em all in a 180. With the Surrenderland record, I'm pretty excited to give everybody who orders each cassette something totally different. Hopefully it won't be total dogshit. I'm gonna try and make the first few records as close to John Fahey's City of Refuge record as I can, because that's my jam. Do you secretly hope that people will learn the entire title of the tape and not cut it down to Surrenderland? Hahaha, fuck, man, I don't know. I'll tell you what: The first person who comes up to me on tour who can say the entire title from memory either gets everything on the merch table or gets to sleep with one of my tour-mates. YouthmoviesHow did you feel about the Youthmovies split? I've known about it for a long time now but it's a total fucking bummer. Still, in the short time they were together they did some great things. Good Nature is still one of my favorite records. But yeah, they're all going to do great things post-Youthmovies. Al just sent me Sam's new stuff with Jonquil and it's gonna be big. I love that band so much. I think they're my favorite band right now; just wait 'til you hear the new stuff. Wow. So, besides that, me and Al are doing my next full-length together and Andrew and I are splitting a cassette later this year. Hamm, Graeme, Al, Sam, Andrew, they're believers, the real thing. Good motherfuckers. Any chance you'll be coming over here to play with them one last time? It seemed to be one of the first things that popped up when it was announced. Well, after the initial 'FUCK' anyway. Yeah, looks like it! Lastly we just wanted to talk about your 'Image a Day' project. How did that all come about and how do you feel about it now that it's over? Well, I found a shitty, beat-up digital camera across the street from the abortion clinic and I just started messing around with it a little. I'm no photographer by any means but it was a fun thing to fuck around with and it's nice to have steady documentation of an entire year of your life. I can imagine taking on something like that could turn into a burden at times. It was a fucking pain in the ass. I'll never do it again. You can visit Adam Gnade by going to Make sure you buy everything he's ever created.