London's Adam Prince King got a lot of buzz with the release of his self-titled EP last November thanks to his striking visuals and, most importantly, his sensational brand of pop. Featuring big sounds and melodies that you won't shake for days, King clearly has a knack for making compelling music. As he prepares a follow-up record, King is sharing the single 'Saskia' to prove his upcoming batch of tunes will be his best yet.

'Saskia' builds from a moody, R&B-pop beginning with King's vocals propelling the track's energy upwards until the release of the chorus arrives in powerful fashion. The synths at the front of the mix fill the chest with excitement as the drums ripple and pulse. But it is King's voice that makes 'Saskia' a truly sensational song. The vocal melody in this song is so good that it can melt away a day's worth of stress and anxiety, it is that cathartic.

You can stream Adam Prince King's 'Saskia' up above. Then check out his 2017 EP and get hyped for his upcoming EP. His is a name you will not want to forget.