For her latest album, 25, Adele teamed up with Tobias Jesso Jr. to record one of its tracks, 'When We Were Young'. Now Adele has interviewed Jesso for The Guardian.

When asked with whom he'd most like to work, Jesso answered:

"Well it was you, ha ha, before we worked together. I guess now that that dream is realised, I’d say Kanye or Drake. I often find myself writing little ditties I can imagine becoming rap songs. Not the actual rapping part, just the chorus. I think a couple of the ideas we had when we worked together would be good for rap songs!"

He also talked about how learning the piano changed everything for him...

"Well, I have always had problems with my voice, and the piano helped me believe the song could be bigger than my voice, and I could play with new melodies and things that I couldn’t on guitar. It was easier to make the sound fuller, and easier to get away with not being as good. Piano is one of those instruments you don’t have to be good at to sound good - you just have to know where to put three little fingers, which is really pretty easy to figure out. I learned one of your songs first, haha! Someone Like You – great practice."

...And about his rise to fame via the internet:

"YouTube for me was a way of getting to a friend of a friend, somebody who didn’t know me, to get feedback in the comments. I noticed that the more personal the song, the more honest and real, the better the response would be."

Also, 60 Minutes Australia have shared a video featuring a short interview with Adele plus a snippet of the singer-songwriter performing 'When We Were Young', which you can watch below.

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