Adia Victoria showed a lot of promise off the bat, with her debut, 2016's Beyond the Bloodhounds, hit more than a lot of the right notes. However, the sense still lingered that was capable of, quite simply, more.

Silences, coming February 22, promises to deliver on all that potential. Linking up with Aaron Dessner of The National, who handles production duties, Victoria's music has never sounded fuller. She's not taking prisoners, either. Her lyrics and presence have grown blunt, her real, take-no-shit self no longer shying away to the edges of her songs. A press release boldy claims, "Silences is at its heart the mythic journey of a woman coming back to herself" - only they're more than just words. Victoria really sells the journey.

In short: she's arrived.

Grab a peak at the album artwork below, and look out for Silences next year, if you know what's best. For, you know, your health and stuff. This is one for us all.